What is OpenActive?

 OpenActive allows you to publish your courses and sessions to any website so that people can find them, book them and pay for them.

Playwaze allows you to use private OpenActive for publishing your internal courses and sessions to your own website or to use public OpenActive where they'll be automatically published to any website to help you attract new members.

 Playwaze is fully OpenActive compliant, meaning that you can choose to publish your courses and sessions straight from the Playwaze website or mobile app.

See how it works

1. Organise your course or session on the app

2. Choose to publish publicly

3. Your course or session will be published to any websites using OpenActive 

Publish and promote publicly

People can book onto your course or session from any website. If you set a Pay Gate they'll also make payment as they join. You'll see all new joiners in your app.

1. Organise your course or session on the app

2. Choose to publish privately

3. Share your courses and sessions to your website 

Publish to your own website

You can preview your public and private OpenActive views in your Group Play list on the playwaze website. Here you can get a link to drop either view into your website.

You organise your courses and sessions on the Playwaze app then just tap the Publish button on the ones you want to appear on your website. That's it! Your website will always show your up to date activities and people can book on right there. No more updating web pages manually!

Reduce your web admin

Grow your sports community

We are working with the Open Data Institute to grow our network of OpenActive clients. These include National Governing Bodies, County Sports Partnerships, and a host of other sports organisations. Our goal is to help you increase sport and physical activity by promoting what you do. 

If you're looking for new members and participants publishing publicly to OpenActive is a great way to promote your activities to a host of other websites. It doesn't cost you anything!

Publishing to your website

On your OpenActive preview page just click on the Share to Web button.

You have 3 options when sharing

1. Web link - the link will open a browser window displaying all your courses and sessions.

2. Embed an iFrame. Drop it into your website anywhere and that's where your courses and sessions will display.

3. OA Endpoint - this will just return your OpenActive data. If you have some technical skills you can build your display of courses and sessions any way you like. We can help you integrate your courses and sessions in your own format and style. Just contact us on team@playwaze.com or use the form below.

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